I could not have survived the 2004 Australian Geographic Kamchatka Ski Mountaineering Expedition without my Taiga® Down Jacket - My jacket was my lifeblood — I was never more than arms length away from it for 3 weeks, hiding from the freezing Siberian temperatures and arctic winds...

Jarrod Paine, Kamchatka Expedition

Thanks Taiga! Due to your exceptionally well-made and designed gear, we have reached the first of the Seven Summits.

Robert Hill, 'No-Guts-Know-Glory' Expedition.

We experienced temperature variations from 20 to -45 degrees Celsius on the same day. We sometimes climbed for more than 10 hours. We needed light, waterproof, warm and breathableclothing - and it is at Taiga that we have found it.

Sylvain Roberge, Cotopaxi (5897 m), Ecuador

Thanks to the incredible efforts, determination and dedication of (Taiga staff), we were able to receive almost all of the equipment needed. From the various measurements provided by fax, your staff tried to find the proper clothing. To our great happiness and satisfaction, all clothes sent fit all members of the expedition perfectly.

Martin Noel, Ecuador 2002 Expedition

All your gear from balaclavas, to gaiters, performed well for us. In these conditions you have to have the best gear available and we were pleased that we did!

Malcolm Bruce, 'Summits-of-Hope' Expedition

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