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Waterproof/breathable DryShell® outer, Waterbloc® thread. 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.  0°C to -20°C.

Mummy style with optimal weight/warmth efficiency.

  • Waterproof/breathable DryShell® outer fabric, sewn with water-repellent thread.
  • 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.
  • Articulated, differential construction forms an even layer of insulation
  • Downfilled Face Draft Tube eliminates drawstring pressure.
  • Downfilled Yoke Draft Collar blocks drafts automatically.
  • Sideblock Baffle prevents down from shifting.
  • Hassle-free, 'Instant-Release' safety zipper, along the side opens from both ends for ventilation.
  • Compartmentalized zipper draft flap.
  • Waterproof-coated stuffsack included... or upgrade to a Compressor Sack for $9.95.

    Yoke Draft Collar (on 'MB', 'M' & 'A' bags - except 'M10')

    Yoke-shaped semi collar blocks drafts.  Hassle-free automatic function.  No outdated "garrotting" drawstring, as still found on most other brands.

    Face Draft Tube (on all Taiga® bags)

    Comfortable downfilled tube with integral drawcord snugs around your face, keeping the cold out.  Far superior to the outdated plain drawstrings still found on most other brands. 

    Sideblock Baffle (on 'M' & 'BH' bags)
    Separation between top & bottom of sleeping bag prevents down from shifting and forming cold spots. "Continuous baffles" (no sideblock) are a cheaper, less effective construction.

    Expertly designed & crafted in Canada.

    WHY are TAIGA® Sleeping Bags so special?  Read all about it here…

    Sleeping Bag Comparison Chart

    Sleeping Bag Compressor Sack Lite $19.95


    Model Fitting Est. Comf. Max. Fill (850+) Total Weight Price Size of Compressor Sack
    M10-M fits to 5'9'', 59'' girth 0°C 274 g/9.7 oz. 575 g/1.27 lbs.


    M10-L fits to 6'4'', 60'' girth 0°C 365 g/12.9 oz. 730 g/1.61 lbs.


    M20-M fits to 5'9", 59" girth -7°C 534 g/18.8 oz. 880 g/1.94 lbs.


    M20-L fits to 6'4", 60" girth -7°C 627 g/22.1 oz. 1005 g/2.22 lbs.


    M30-M fits to 5'9", 59" girth -13°C 686 g/24.2 oz. 1073 g/ 2.37 lbs.


    M30-L fits to 6'4", 60" girth -13°C 774 g/27.3 oz. 1190 g/2.62 lbs.


    M40-M fits to 5'9", 59" girth -20°C 804 g/28.4 oz. 1195 g/2.63 lbs.


    M40-L fits to 6'4", 60" girth -20°C 871g/30.7 oz. 1300 g/2.87 lbs.



    * Diameter of sack.  The smaller one of 2 suggested sizes is more compact, but harder to stuff.

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