Taiga® TRAVERSE - Travel & Hiking Pack

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  • Lean & mean. Built for top performance!
  • Side-loading sleeping-bag compartment with fully zippered divider & collapsible, waterproof liner bag.
  • 8-inch extension sleeve.
  • Floating top pocket, with 2 compartments, doubles as a large fanny pack.
  • Removable side pockets double as waist pouches (waist strap included).
  • Removable 'spider flap', with pocket and bungee cord, holds extra gear.
  • Large, inner pouch.
  • Internal aluminum frame.
  • Fully adjustable, slotted harness with 'Sure-Grip' lumbar pad.
  • 500D Kodra.


Size S: 60l, 5.4lbs.   Size M: 65l, 5.5lbs.
Size L: 70l, 5.5lbs.   Size XL:75l, 5.8lbs. 

The sizes refer to the HEIGHT of the pack. They fit up to a specific max. body size...
or, more accurately, torso length.
We measure as "torso length" the median height of your shoulder top (approx. the middle of the shoulder slope), when sitting straight-up on the edge of a table, or on a stool or a flat, hard-surfaced chair. Size S fits up to a torso length of 22.5'', size M fits up to 24.5'', size L up to 26.5'', and size XL up to 28.5''.

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