Innova®Safari One Person Inflatable Kayak

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A speedy, lightweight, self-bailing inflatable kayak - perfect for travel!

The Innova Safari  can be inflated to 3 PSI in less than 10 minutes, making it solid, tough, and fast. With an efficient, low-drag hull shape and removable tracking fin, the Innova Safari keeps straight on course as it glides through calm waters and tackles swells with ease - great for lakes, slow-moving rivers, coastal waters and inlets. Remove the tracking fin and the Safari can tackle whitewater.

The high-pressure side tubes with a narrow 28-inch beam provide a rigid, integrated hull that can deliver surfing and turn-carving performance similar to hard-shell kayaks.

Self-bailing ports and a low profile design allow this Innova inflatable kayak to handle wind and rough conditions easily. The included thigh straps provide precision and the control needed for Eskimo rolling.

Constructed of an environmentally-friendly, 1200 denier, heavy-duty rubber-coated Nitrylon, the Innova Safari  is puncture resistant AND environmentally-friendly - no outgassing!

  • Rated  WW3.
  • 28"x10', 24 lbs., 220 lbs. cap.

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