Solar-410 Convertible Kayak

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Available spring 2021.  The Innova® Solar easily converts to 1, 2, or 3-person use. The Solar seating positions are variable; it can be arranged as a single-seat, double-seat, and triple-seat.  The SOLAR-410C has three main chambers with high-quality spring-loaded military valves, plus two small bladders which serve as the backrest and footrest, it takes only five minutes to slip the fin on the kayak and inflate the chambers. The Solar-410 C tracks great and has increased stability. Factory made Nitrilon material is ecofriendly, highly resistant to puncture and abrasion, perfectly safe for pet claws and fish hooks. Made and tested in Europe to highest quality construction standards. Longer length adds extra capacity for day trips and overnights on open water lakes or rivers up to class 2, adds speed, and allows an optional third seat with ease. The Solar comes with 2 seats, 2 foot rests, elastic gear netting, and a 100 L Transport Dry Bag, for backpacking and such. Repair kit, valve adaptor, instructions, removable  tracking fin included.

Material composition: high strength PES fibre (1) with an outer layer of synthetic rubber (2) and inner layer of a mixture based on natural rubber (3). The material is highly resistant to abrasion, aging and UV. Minimum tensile strength (1) 3000/3000 N (sample 20 x 5 cm).

A specialized manufacturing process vulcanizes the natural rubber compound on the interior of the fabric, resulting in a durable construction that tolerates high interior pressure, improving longevity as well as making the kayaks more rigid, water and abrasion resistant, without substantially increasing the kayak weight. The main chambers can be inflated to 3 PSI, translating into a stiff inflatable boat that handles responsively. The Nitrilon is PVC-free, making it more environmentally friendly than standard inflatables using PVC bladders - there is no out-gassing. It also stores compactly when deflated and folded. 

Specifications on the Innova Solar: 

  • PSI:  3
  • Dimensions: 13' 5" x 32"
  • Beam:  2’7”
  • Capacity: 2 adults +1 Child(595 lbs)
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • River rating: Class 2
  • Packed dimensions: 26"x 16"x 10"

Open Box. 

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