Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Touring & Recreational Paddle

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The Manta Ray is designed for a high-angle paddling style and will suit kayakers pursuing athletic touring, workout paddling, or racing. The beefy face and cross- sectional shape of the blade generate great "bite" on the paddle plant, and lots of power on every stroke. Surf waves, hit tight turns or blast through currents! The Manta ray is smooth and predictable in the roughest conditions.

  • The Manta Ray is an aggressive, high-angle touring paddle designed for power and acceleration.
  • With a meticulously engineered blade shape, the Manta Ray provides a flutter-free stroke with plenty of power - Ideal for fitness training and exercise. This paddle is under 38oz - now check the price!
  • Combination of aluminum shaft and fiberglass blades gives a great strength to weight ratio! Slight shaft flex for paddling comfort.
  • Made with Aquabound’s new ABX resin material- LIGHTER and TOUGHER than ever before.
  • These paddles are lightweight and balanced with precision – you can feel the performance in your hands


  • Yellow Fiberglass Blade / Aluminum Shaft
  • Weight 37.75 oz
  • Blade Material Yellow abX resin
  • Blade Shape Asymmetrical dihedral
  • Blade Size 7.25” x 18”
  • Shaft Material Aluminum
  • Shaft Type: 4 piece
  • Feather Angle 60’ right / 0’ unfeathered

Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Paddle

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