Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray Touring & Recreational Paddle

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The Eagle Ray is a highly refined, full size, low angle touring paddle perfectly matched to today's long and slender sea kayaks. Its elegant, long blades feature a soft dihedral power face, which is easy on the shoulders and wrists. With good bite and flutter-free strokes, one can cover serious mileage with the Eagle Ray!
  • The Eagle Ray is a full size touring paddle which is very smooth through the water and ideal for a low angle paddling style
  • With a meticulously engineered blade shape, the Eagle Ray provides a flutter-free stroke with superior directional control and a weight that is UNDER 31oz!
  • Combination of carbon shaft and fiberglass reinforced abX blades gives the lightest strength to weight ratio! Slight shaft flex for paddling comfort.
  • Made with Aquabound’s new ABX resin material- LIGHTER and TOUGHER than ever before.
  • These paddles are lightweight and balanced with precision – you can feel the performance in your hands.
  • White fiberglass reinforced abX resin Blade / Carbon Shaft with TLC
  • Weight (220cm) 33 oz (for a person under 5'4")
  • Blade Material White abX resin
  • Blade Shape Asymmetrical dihedral
  • Blade Size 6.25” x 20”
  • Shaft Material Carbon with TLC adjustable ferrule system
  • Shaft Type: 2 piece
  • Feather Angle 0º, 30º, 45º, 60º right AND left

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