Drop Stitch Floor for Advanced Elements Kayaks

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Available spring 2021. 
For increased hull speed and tracking performance simply replace your original floor with the dropstitch floor, inflate to 6psi, and you are ready to go! The RigidForm™ Dropstitch Floor comes with a valve adaptor and can be used in all of the AdvancedFrame® 1012 models as well as the Lagoon 2™ Kayak. 

NOTE: The RigiForm™ Dropstitch Floor is NOT to be used in combination with the BackBone™.


  • AE-DS1012: Fits AdvanceFrame® 1012 & Sport Kayak
  • AE-DS1009: Fits AdvancedFrame® Expedition Kayak and Lagoon2™ Kayak. 
  • AE-DS1007: Fits AdvancedFrame® Convertible Kayak

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